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1st Gig Amazing, 2nd Gig Dead in the Water

Just wondering if someone had any idea what could be wrong with my 2nd gig.
( ) I’ve managed to cross promote it from my first Gig, so I have actually 18 clicks and 11 5 star orders - but its not showing anywhere.

Had only 60 impressions and I’m sure that’s only from me promoting it. Would love to know what went wrong?? Anyone?

Thanks so much in advance everyone!


@uk1000 if there is any chance you could look at this mate, would be so helpful. 15 impressions I got yesterday, my other gig go 1,500. Cant see what has gone wrong and I cant find it in the search anywhere, but with 600 dollars made from it, surely it should rank higher?


Wow, Luck day. Best OF luck.

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What does that mean?

You earn 600$ without rank.

Yeah I promoted it from my other gig - but still with 600, its not ranked, so wondering what has gone wrong.

I think you take fiverr support. Give them your gig link.

good idea, cheers mate.

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The gigs are very professional and if it were me, I’d buy so that’s clearly not the problem. It can be just the fiverr algorithm acting up, as I see you said that it only had 60 impressions.

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I mostly check for errors in gigs. I’m not an expert in SEO for gigs or know specifically why a gig has a particular rank in the search engine at a particular time or similar things. I just know what they’ve told us about it. We don’t know exactly what the ranking algorithm takes into account.

These are few comments on the gigs but they are mostly just small issues like punctuation:

Gig: I will review your youtube channel to help you increase subscribers
In the FAQ section:
“its my passion” could be “it’s my passion” in answer 2.
“Its something” could be “It’s something” in answer 3.

Gig: I will review your youtube SEO to help increase views
In the FAQ section:
“whats included?” could be “what’s included?” in question 1.
“. Is no problem at all” could be “. It’s no problem at all” in answer 5.
“its all the same price” could be “it’s all the same price” in answer 5.

In the gig video it sounds like there’s a pop in the audio around 28 secs in. In the video “Im” could be “I’m”.

If you look at the gig video thumbnail from the profile (which should show it as it will appear in search) it might not be as clear what the gig is about from that as the other gig’s thumbnail. eg. the other gig says “Channel Review” etc. so it’s clearer what it’s about, on the profile this shows “Maximize Potential” and the play icon is over the last letters of the word “potential”.

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Ah your a legend mate thank you - I actually stuck a support ticket on, within 3 hours they said they pressed a button and now its ranking on the homepage, so whatever the heck it was, it seems to be resolved and I will 100% make those changes, but I dont it will kick my gig out for 7 days if I edit anything so ill wait for now, and save your amazing reply!! legend pal, thank you

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