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1st order completed, but review

I’ve just finished my first order for 45$ in 4 days instead of 8 with very fast delivery, I did more than 10 revisions, I did everything that the client wanted ( I gave him 1 screen and 1 free design as a bonus).

But finally, I’m surprised that he gave me a 4.3 rating.

I’m very happy about completing my first order but in the same time very sad about this review that will kill my chances.

Some buyer never leave 5* rating, that is just not how they perceive ratings.

This will only affect you if you allow it.

And by that I mean you do not follow up with your professional reply to his review (take your time, and write so the future buyers sees this review as something to hire you, not to avoid you).

the comment he left was amazing, but the review (4.3) who affected me since it is my first review and no one will wor someone who has a bad general rating.

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I know it is frustrating, but 4.3 is NOT a bad rating. It is positive. People will not avoid you for having one 4.3 star review.