1st Order Experience on Fiverr


1st order is very special for every seller. My 1st order experience is little bit different. My buyer doesn’t message me he direct place the order (July 15, 2018), I suddenly get a notification about order placement. I was so excited and happy :grinning::grinning:that instantly I contact the client and deliver it within 1 hour and buyer was so happy. He gives me 5star rating and a great review.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: That’s all about my 1st Fiverr order experience.download


I spent $50 in celebration when I got my first order on fiverr.
It was a $5 order. The joy I had knew no bound.


One of the best feelings of my life


When i got my first order i was too excited that i donated $50
and the order was $5. I can’t explain that happiness of first earning of my life :blush: