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1st order form buyer request

wow . i have get my first order … i am so excited for this reason



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Nice. First order is always the best one! More to come. All the best!



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Congrats on your first order keep it up…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations on being successful…

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great new for your freelancing straggly

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Congratulations :tada: :tada:

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great news for new seller

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Congratulations Mr.shahibna

Congrats… keep boosing you gig

work perfectly and deliver first so that you can get a good review easily

Congrats! I’m a newcomer too so I can mildly guess the excitement you must feel!

No pressure, just do your very best and dedicate it as much time as you can; make sure it’s the very best you can give.

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That’s great news. I’m sure there’s more to come.

In the last month I have received all of my orders from buyers requests.
i don’t know the reason for it though.
Congrats for the first order !

Congratulations Thant’s good news.