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1st order paid. From 100% to 300% charge?

Here I was the other day with my very first order for a cartoon. Cost advertised NZ$11. By the time it had gone through, paid in-full, it had amounted to about $31 I think…2nd charge went to 17 bucks…and along came the Pay a Tip. Not even ‘optional’. Is this an American site? Are they pushing their pathetic tipping culture down our throats?? …now I’m dealing with a lawyer, just under $600 NZ Dollars, as advertised. Will I end up with a $2,000.= charge, dear Fiverr community?
Cheers, Marcel.
ex dutchman in NZ, winner best radio ad (a world record at that) :wink:


It seems like you purchased a basic package but your requirements didn’t fall under that package.

Tips on Fiverr are optional, not mandatory.


you are the one who accept the gig extra .If you don’t agree on the price you can try to either cancel the order and find other better deal, or discuss the price with your seller.


First fiverr is processing payments in USD even if it’s shows approx conversion in NZ.

They also charge processing fee which is 2$+.
If you added extras that also would affect the total price.

Fiver sent you an invoice with a break down of what you paid.
If you want you can post a screenshot here (covering the name of your seller) and we might be able to tell you what’s wrong (or not)


unrelated dude. Dealing with a patent lawyer.

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i’m not at all complaining about money or the cartoonist. she did a great job.
us$17 would’ve been 23-ish.
as for the optional Tips. Not on my page! It gave three options. They pushed for the middle option. double, but beiing 'conned from where I was sitting and being a first timer-paying experience , I chose the cheaper tip but she and I are working fine together for some time to come I feel.
Thanks guys.
I’ve had my ‘spiel’.

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Yes, Fiverr give 3 options, but you don’t need to continue after you see these options, you can just ignore those. And left the page :slight_smile:

You dont need to give tips, unless you wish to


…so, that be an almighty oops on my part.
I never saw that. Prob. didn’t look hard enough. Mind the whole fiverr website sucks coconuts.

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No one forced you to click the button for the higher tier.

You’re acting like Fiverr or the seller raised the charge and that is a mischaracterization of the facts. You were offered something. You accepted it.

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read my other replies! I had an issue with this impossible site. NZ$11 is NOT $17 USA dollars but nz$23…that was the first shock.
I’ve requested to take this whole thing down. Another failing issue it seems.

I did. I’m responding to what you yourself wrote.