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1st page not showing


my gig showing before 1st page showing but last few days my gig not showing in 1st page please see that.what happen


If your gig does not appear on search pages,
Inform the fiverr customer support service


I think you edit your gig. So, it is rank down.


I never find my gig in search page and i am still getting orders. These things happens and if you find your gig in first page then you are blessed.


IF you did a lot of changes in your gigs at a same time , then it will be worse for you .


hello @ashokjadhav not showing on 1st page is due to your low promotion on social media. If you make a major change on your gig it is very common that fiverr stop promoting your gig. Take time and start gig marketing.
Ruhul Tusar


I think you edit your gig. thats why it ranked down.


you need to share your gig


Try to promote your gig on social media for better ranking.


I also never find my gig in first page. :disappointed_relieved:


There are 1500 vector tracing gigs - it would need to be a jolly big 1st page to show them all, all the time.

Gigs get rotated all the time depending on the algorithm, nobody knows how it works.

Don’t worry about your gig being on the first page or not, as there isn’t anything directly you can do to influence its position.

Did you get any sales while your gig was on the first page? If you didn’t then that’s something you can work on. :slightly_smiling_face:


how to reached gig on the !st page ??


thanks for every one for suggestion.