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1st sell of my life immediately because I want to express my talent

Is my gigs price too high for a beginner can anyone help, ?

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You should make sure your gig is affordable

don’t put a high fee on your gig

I did 5,10,15 dollars for the price is it too high?

it okay and the best, i like the price tag :hugs:

Thanks for letting me know have a nice day ahead…

Always welcome friend plz check out my gig if u like it…nice to have my 1st Fiverr friend…:slight_smile:

it all good and nice but make sure you promote your gigs on social media’s

Oke bro as you say…thanks for all the support

You are welcome…

You should start from $5 plus any expenses you have to pay. For example if you have to purchase a stock image for $5 to complete the delivery, you can put the price as $10. Later you can increase it to the market standards and earn a lot of money from there. But first, don’t focus on money, instead focus on gaining more and more clients.

More clients you get more bright future you will have :slight_smile:

You have done right thing @axlebladze

Thank for your kind reply I am not a tall focusing on money i want satisfied clients that’s all

Thank you man for your kind reply.