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1st step to becoming a seller?

im thinking of becoming a seller. where do I go? is there a link to apply?

You have an account so really you just need to write in your profile an honest summary of your skills, location, etc. Then start creating gigs. This thread helped me:

Welcome to Fiverr! What kind of gigs are you thinking of creating? Look at similar gigs to get an idea of what people are buying already.

Hi thats a great idea of joining with our sellers community. Warmly welcome you. As fonthaunt said just write brief introduction about you and then create a gig. To apply for jobs requested by buyers go to buyer request section. Good Luch and happy earnings… :-bd

the first step to become a user (seller or buyer) on fiverr:

read TOS:

if anyone agree with me, like :)))


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Here’s a link for starters, on creating a gig. Then you can address your first time user questions on the FAQ forum.