2,491 active requests?!?


So few minutes ago, my buyer request section only had 5 requests. Mostly sellers offering their service. Just right now, I opened it and found 2,491 available requests :thinking:
Anybody got a clue what’s happening?


Dear Youssef:

Without knowing all the facts, I would speculate that you recently leveled up. When you go from New Seller to Level 1, Fiverr opens up an abundance of additional Buyer Requests for you.

Another possibility is that you recently added a gig in a new category (though that does not appear to be the case for you today).

You don’t see all the Buyer Requests on Fiverr – you see the Buyer Requests that Fiverr deems relevant to your currently active gigs.

Good luck,


Oh yeah I just leveled up to a level 1 seller. But 2k? that’s a lot! :smile:
Thank you for the info Mr.Blaise


Congratulations on achieving Level 1 status. Your parents should be very proud.


Wow I actually haven’t thought about that and it also happened to me so I thought it was a bug on Fiverr so I contacted customer support and they told me it might be my cookies and cache but after cleaning them up I still had 1k+ of active requests so they closed my ticket :joy: Thanks for your answer!


Dear Rene:

Congratulations on achieving Level 1 status. Your parents may also be proud.

Fair warning: You may also expect something similar to happen when you reach Level 2.

Good luck,


Haha thanks!! but my parents don’t even know what Fiverr is. I’m working to reach Level 2 soon!!

Have a nice day!


Dear Rene:

You should totally educate them about Fiverr, so they can tell all their friends, and send lots of Buyers your way.

Give them a chance to be proud!

Good luck,