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2 account issue

I am new seller on fiverr. I and my sister have only one laptop. can we use both account same time on same IP.?
Can you please guide me about it


The Terms of Service clearly state that one person can have only one account. You did read the TOS, didn’t you?

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Per ToS, actually you can share the same IP, since you both are not offering the same service.


While you should be able to I think, contact CS first with a support ticket and check with them first and if allowed, check if you need to do anything specific (eg. separate windows accounts or whatever).

If you start using 2 accounts from the same laptop, even though it’s 2 different people, without checking/getting authorisation from CS first, they’ll probably think it’s 1 person with multiple accounts and it could get the accounts in trouble. Also I think the gigs will need to be in different categories.