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2 Accounts 1 IP address?

Hi. I can’t seem to find the information I’m looking for. My partner I live with wants to create an account. I have a Pro account and I’m also a Studio Lead. Is there a way for us both to have seperate accounts but working from the same IP address?



Would you both be selling something different?


Of course yes. Completely different gigs. But I don’t want to jeopardize my account.

You should contact CS and let them know.


You should be ok, then. Fiverr doesn’t like people from the same digital location selling the same services. It’s usually ok with people from the same digital location selling different services.

Do seek permission from CS first, though, before taking action. If you get it, keep the message/email safe, just in case!


Thank you for your prompt reply. Highly appreciated.
I will contact CS right away.


It’s not just about “different gigs”. Your gigs cannot be in the same category.

If they are, both your accounts will be banned automatically, and CS won’t be able to help.


Thanks for adding it.

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In my experience, there should be no problem.

Me and my friend(partner), we work from same location, we’ve setup a small office where we do Fiverr work and local client’s work and it has been more than a year. We’ve even coached others to use Fiverr platform, so that means multiple Fiverr accounts have been accessed from the same location.

Careful. There were people who did that (coaching, so multiple Fiverr accounts accessed from the same locations), and at some point, all of those accounts (or many of them) got banned.


It’s depends on Fiverr Roboot algorithm if anyhow robot :robot: caught you for using 2 account then your account will be disabled. My friends are using 2 accounts but they are not facing any kind of problem. But there is some friends they have told me there accounts were disabled for using 2 accounts. So it’s depends fully Fiverr robotic algorithm. This is really confusing actually So you need to Contact with Fiverr support it will be better for you.

Thank you

But different categories have to be determined

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If both same service thats the problem otherwise stay with 1 IP.
Thanks , :blush:

I keep saying this to anyone that will listen:

The ban in the event of two or more sellers sharing an IP and a category is completely, 100% automatic and cannot be reversed.

I had plans to start a Fiverr incubator where I live and one of Fiverr’s executives urged me NOT to proceed as I’d risk my account along with everyone else’s.


Fiverr also tracks locations of sellers. I’m not sure if that is added in to find sellers with two accounts or not.

I started trying to work from a hotel hotspot on the app and couldn’t access fiverr, I was blocked on the app. A little red message appeared. Something about I had no internet connection when I actually did.

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This is part of the reason I quit coworking. This is also a bit of an archaic situation. Maybe that is why we barely heard a peep out of that digital nomad Fiverr sent off to Southeast Asia a few years ago.

I’ve been looking at a place called Bansko in Bulgaria which is becoming the digital nomad Chiang Mai of Europe. Logically, though, if you use Fiverr, you need to keep away from places with high concentrations of freelancers in case you ever end up sharing the same wifi or staying in the same Airbnb as another Fiverr user has previously.

It is all very medieval

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It’s more likely she had a great time and forgot all about fiverr. I took one look at who they chose and had a feeling that would happen.

I like to think she had her account banned after staying in close proximity to another user and was left penniless in Laos and now tends to a herd of water buffalo.

Besides, wasn’t Fiverr paying?


I would like to know what exactly happened with that. Maybe she got a one way ticket to some place where no one spoke English and she was never seen or heard from again.

It’s happened more than once where a young woman traveling alone through small towns in se Asia has disappeared.

Bansko is really hot right now.

And not just for their awesome ski resorts.

I think overriding this sort of thing is pretty straightforward technically speaking.

It’s 2020 for Pete sake!

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