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2 accounts on same laptop

I have my personal Fiverr account since 2016 and sometimes I opened it in my office. I didn’t use that account so much. But now my boss wants me to manage the office Fiverr account. he was standing behind me and told me to log out of my personal account and open up the office account on my laptop. I did it. up to this time, nothing has happened but I am worried that both of the accounts have the same IPs and same network connection. what should I do now?

2 accounts at the same IP is against Fiverr TOS…

As far I know Multiple account on same computer cause suspension for all accounts.
Though right now you have no problem. But when fiverr team investigate it, then both account may suspend.

Deactivate one account before suspension. Problem will be solve.

It’s highly unprofessional and insecure to use a computer that belongs to your employer to do your other job.