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2 Accounts on same wifi but different PC

Hey, I am new to fiverr. I want to know that can I have two different accounts on same wifi but I will login on two different PCs.

Each person is only allowed 1 Fiverr account.

Welcome, and read Fiverr’s Terms of Service (when you have signed up, you had to check the box stating that you have read and understood the rules and that you agree to be bound by them)!

The number of PCs doesn’t matter. You’re only allowed to have one account, and if you have more than one, all of your accounts can get permanently banned.


Hello I use my only one account with 2 pc!
However, if you use more than account on 1 pc, then you will permanently banned.

Wow! That’s interesting. Thanks for the info

Actually, if you have more than one account, all of your accounts will be permanently banned. One person is allowed one account only.

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