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2 active accounts from single device


Fiverr terms of Service is not allowed to have 2 active accounts. I understood that, if i want to open new account then i need to close my previous one. Now suggest how i can dismiss my previous account ??

And let me know , , after dismissing the previous account , is it necessary to reinstall windows in my pc for creating new account ??


You can simply delete your account in the settings. It will be active only after all the payments have been withdrawn.

After deleting the account you can simply create a new account, no need to reinstall anything. But I think you need to use a different email.


Thank you shifan for your helpful answer. I am sorrow to say in the settings option there is no delete option for delete account . There is a option of deactivate for deactivating account . Now what should i do to remove my account forever .??


Buddy, it’s right there as an option on the first page of settings (Where your name, email address etc… are listed)