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2 active gigs are not showing up in my profile

Anyone know why? I keep thinking that maybe it needs time to refresh, but I haven’t had this happen before. Is this normal? They are active and not denied so I’m not sure what’s going on.

This has happened to me before. Newly created gigs were not showing up in my profile page, if I changed an image for one of my gigs… it would still show up as the old one on my profile page, etc.

What I did, was contact customer support. I let them know that my profile page does not seem to be updating to include recent changes, such as newly added gigs.

I received a reply something like “From our end, we are seeing your profile correctly”. So, I went back to my profile page and checked again… it was fixed! So, they must have done something.

I would give that a try. :slight_smile:

Yay… they’re up! Thanks for responding, I was starting to get worried, lol!

Reply to @vfowler: Good news! :slight_smile: Glad to hear that.


There is a Contact Support link at the top of every Forum page … AND … a Customer Support link at the bottom of every Fiverr page.

Same with me… Created 5 Gigs yesterday, and its ony showing 1.

Do I also have to contact Customer’s support