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2 attachments visible in Android App but only 1 in the web version

Order #FO8D96A4C211

A buyer has sent me 2 .doc files in the attachment to the order. In mobile Android App Fiverr I clearly see (and able to download 2 attachments), while in the web version of Fiverr I see and able to download only 1 attachment. (Good thing I have the Android app, other way it might lead to very unpleasant consequences)

In the meantime, in the other order Order #FO130519CA41 I see all the 3 attachments in the Fiverr App and Web version, both.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 x64.

Fiverr recommends Chrome - have you tried it to see if it helps? :sunny:

Thanks for your input. I’ve tried Chrome (both desktop and Android App) but I’m still able to see and download only one attachment. :man_facepalming:

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Same here. I see 1 attachment on website and 2 attachements on Fiverr app. Client commented while ordering that I have attached 2 file and I kept on asking for another file as only 1 file was visible on website. I asked the client 2-3 times to attach another file. Lastly the cleint did not respond. I felt so annoying at the same time angry.
Have you found any solution?

So far, the solution that works is to check your orders in Fiver app, as well. You have to download attachments (e.g. on your phone) and then transfer them to your workspace. Very inconvenient, so I hope for the quick resolution of this bug.

Yes I do the same but more frustrating is that I am getting error while downloading attachments from the app. Unable to complete orders. One of my regular client got annoyed.