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2 brothers 2 accounts and 2 different services

I am a graphic designer and working on Fiverr from 2 months my elder brother is SEO and wants to start working on Fiverr I have heard that fiver don’t allow 2 accounts on one IP I wanna ask experts can he sign up and use Fiverr with different service than mine? Same wifi, different laptops different services different users but same wifi? My account would be banned?? or should i use the same account for those services but i am little possessive about my profile rating its 5.0 now! help me!


If the services are different than he can create his account using the same IP address but you should contact customer support to ask for permission.


To be safe it would be best to contact CS and tell them of your plan. I have heard that they need to be told what you are doing so they do not think that you and your brother are the same person with two accounts.

You will also have to have two different accounts to get paid and two different e-mails. Plus, when Fiverr asks you to verify your account with a photo ID, you should be prepared to present one to them.

May you and your brother work things out quickly and have much success here on Fiverr!


Thank you much for guide

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