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2 brothers 2 accounts and same services

2 brothers 2 accounts and the same services … I am a 3d modeler work in 3d modeling and product modeling. my brother is a 2d animator and product modeler. He wants to create a fiverr account in 2d animation and product modeling. what should do now? our wifi same… but computer 2.


He can’t, you need to be with different IP addresses. Your brother can open an account only if he leaves your household or if he tells CS beforehand that he will sell services different from yours.

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You will have to inform CS. He will likely be allowed to open an account while both of you are using the same wifi but probably you both should have different gigs. Customer Support →


Thank you for the information

I wish you two brothers to go ahead, make good progress in the marketplace, get good clients and be able to build a beautiful career.

However, after watching many informative videos, researching, reading different blogs, I have learned that there can be two different accounts in a same Wi-Fi network, but the access device must be different and it is wise not to “sing in / sing out” two accounts on the same device.

Stay safe, follow Fiverr’s rules and build a bright future.

Thanks, Animul Ilam

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