$2 comission with no return


It seems that Fiverr has made $2 comission for every $5 purchase I made.
So much for “fiver” thing now.
That’s not all, when I’m cancelling the $5 order, $2 are permanently disappearing from my balance.
What’s the meaning of this?

That’s a huge disappointment.


It means that Fiverr is charging a service fee for transactions whether the order is completed or not which does make some sense as you are technically still using the service.
That said, I don’t like it either.

I suggest you voice your objection to customer support to give them proper feedback about how this change affects you.


I am a frequent buyer here on Fiverr, have puchased gigs for more than $22k. When I started here the comission was $0.5 from $5 purchase. Now it’s $2. What is wrong with Fiverr? Why it has become 4 times more expensive in couple years? I really like how Fiverr is made, it’s very convenient, but I’m starting to search for new freelance platforms, which are not so greedy. What’s next, $5 comission for $5 gig?


All this means is that Fiverr’s operating expenses have increased with time, and they have to raise user fees to compensate.

Think about it: when you started here, the fee was $0.50 because Fiverr as a company was not as big as it is now.


Really fiverr charges was 0.5 and now 2 usd?

Its very very shocking for me.


Nothing is wrong. Fiverr just needs to cover their administrative costs.

Fiverr is growing as a business, and the more they grow, the more they have to invest in keeping their business thriving and moving upward. Every business acquires higher costs as they grow. Fiverr is growing… thus, they need to raise fees to cover their costs.

Good luck in that search.

Seriously? Now you’re just being ridiculous. Let’s stay grounded in reality, shall we? :wink:


$2 is still too much.
I believe that provoked many buyers to move to competitors’ freelance sites.


Maybe. However, I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing.


If you have thousands of bucks to spend, maybe so.

But for many buyers it was a “fiver” thng - cheap, quick, and easy.

Many people have tight budget on things. And some extra fee, especially a big one, such as $2 can give big inconvenience for them.


The keyword here is WAS.
Fiverr is going in a different direction. Maybe it’s time for someone else to handle those smaller orders.

It has been discussed multiple times.

  • The increase was $1
  • If your buyers decide not to buy your gigs because it costs $1 more then maybe it’s time to add more value to the service and move away from $5 market.


Did you really seen something improved after this fee?
Is something changed for good?
Are any bugs fixed? What becomes better than before?
Nothing changed.
This fee just increased with no good reason.


I agree with you on this one. When the price of something increases, there should be a positive input that can at least compensate the users and show that the price increase is worth it.


That is odd indeed.
I expected a complete revamp of the site with 0 bugs the next day as well.

So you’re telling me that they didn’t send you a complete roadmap of their business? Outrageous!!!


I don’t need any map of any kind.

I need fair comissions and a good working site with reasonable prices.
There is no need to be rude.


Since you bought for over $20K, I assume those were not private purchases?
So you have a business as well and never had to and think you never will have to or want to raise your prices? That’s great if that works out for you! How did you do it, start out with high enough prices to not have to raise them?


who bought $20k?
I never said that. Where do I say that?
You’ve mistaken me with someone else


I’m going to add a wee bit in here and then run off.

I don’t like the ‘admin fee’ charge - the sliding scale is poorly implemented going from a relatively huge 40% to 5% depending on the purchase price. There’s no explanation of why it’s added or what it covers. If it’s because Fiverr wants to make more profit and have needed to put their prices up then wouldn’t it be better if they just said that, rather than just calling it an ‘admin fee’? Is that because an increase in the 20% sellers’ commission would put sellers up in arms, so it’s better to raise the only other variable which can be changed, thus affecting buyers.

I don’t encounter an admin fee when I buy anything else online. The price I see is the price I pay, unless some sort of local tax is added, so I don’t understand why as a buyer I have to pay extra.

I also don’t understand the negative comments towards anybody who posts anything about it. If you’re a buyer anywhere you really wouldn’t celebrate a price rise would you? Or is that because here we’re mainly sellers, so we’re looking to defend it from a seller’s point of view, rather than looking at it as a buyer?

Happy anniversary BTW @alexcherkassoff!


Let’s say Fiverr had 1000 orders per day for $0.5 comisson. They earned 500 bucks. Then Fiverr became bigger and has like 10000 orders per day. Even with the same comission they would earn 5000 bucks daily. So there is no connection between company scale and comission.

I was ok with $1 comission, that is quite enough to keep things rolling, everyone understands that. But 40% fee is ridiculous. I don’t get why you all say that is normal.


No, you can see in the top right corner at whom a reply is addressed, wasn’t meant for you, sorry.

Happy anniversary, btw! :cake: :coffee:

That certainly plays a part, though don’t forget that many of us are sellers and buyers so they probably have a balanced view on it.

I think a big part of it is that many of us forum participants probably don’t just or mostly sell or buy $5 gigs, which means we don’t actually feel it.
$2 on a $5 purchase certainly is a big percentage, no doubt about that, but again, the argument holds that the costs $5 orders incur are disproportionate to bigger orders too.
Or, another way of looking at it, when I order something very heavy that costs me $500, maybe shipping cost is even included as that works out for the company, but if I order something very heavy that costs $5, I might have to pay $25 shipping cost, and would get it, too.


I do. I wouldn’t sell anything more expensive on Fiverr for fear of a chargeback, as reported on here on a seemingly daily basis. :frowning: