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2 Custom Offers (and Gigs) For 1 Order? Help Me, Please

Hey, guys. I could really use your help, because I’m getting the feeling I’m being ripped off.

So, a little while ago I hired another TRS to make a new intro for me. When I contacted them, I had to mention my budget. I said my budget was about $150, but the Gig itself was for quite less than that. Immediately, what I got in return was 2 custom offers, 1 for the normal Gig and another supposedly for “graphic design” to fill out the $150 budget. I agreed, because at the time it made sense.

However, I have since come to the conlusion that this doesn’t sound right. Because that extra “graphic design” Gig was added for the custom animation that I wanted (and they said I should just accept, they can write whatever, but it’s for the animation).

It just doesn’t make sense, because the intro & outro Gig itself was set for $125 and the extra “graphic design” Gig was set for $25, and the custom animation is mostly what the intro and outro is, i.e. what I thought I paid for with the Premium Gig of $125. I’m asking myself what the hell I am paying the $25 for, then. I feel like I’m being ripped off by them, adding $25 on top for something that is basically in the main Gig I ordered, but disguised as something that I apparently need but actually don’t.

This is part of my original conversation with them:

We will split the offer into two offers, one for graphic design and one for Animation, the amount that we fill inside these 2 offers, doesn’t actually mean that the certain task is only worth that much, its just for splitting purpose and some amount needs to be filled in the offer,
but in order to proceed, both the offers will need to be accepted, then only we would proceed further

Splitting purpose? :thinking:

  1. one of 125 usd and 10 days working time for Intro and Outro Animation
  2. For graphic design, we will create another offer of 25 usd and 10 days working time
    Both offers will run in parallel

They also said they “don’t do cancellations” because they show updates before full delivery.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do at this point. Every status update I get is for the custom animation that I ordered for said custom intro and outro as described in their Gig. The extra $25 they charged me in an irrelevant Gig doesn’t seem justified to me, at all.

I was thinking I will just accept delivery for the intro and outro Gig as described, and then cancel the other Gig after I got everything. Because what am I paying for, right?

Help, please? :confused:


hey here your seller indirectly want 2 review from you! so he/she mention split order from you! if you and seller are agree to $150! then you can accept both offer no problem!

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Thanks for the reply, but I’m not sure whether this is even ethical or within Fiverr’s ToS. It actually sounds scummy as hell.


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Legitimate reasons to split a job could be

  • buyer would like part of a job done for a specific deadline, while the rest has time
  • job will take the seller more than 30 days, let’s say I’m asked to translate a book and would need 60 or 90 days, I’d have to send 2 or 3 separate offers (ETA: because the max. duration for a Fiverr gig is 30 days) for x chapters each (would also finish and deliver the respective chapters at the specified delivery date then)

Splitting a job only to potentially get more than one review out of the same job, of course, is not a legitimate reason for Fiverr.

However, it might make sense to separate something a buyer wants into “different elements” in some cases; for example, I might have a buyer who wants a translation of one text, and a proofreading of something else, then I might send an offer for my translation gig, and another one for my proofreading gig (different gigs, different prices, different delivery times, etc.).

If what you’ve been asking of the seller is two distinctly different things and can be delivered separately, it might make sense, I don’t know. If you thought their reasoning sounded shady and you think whatever the additional $25 is for, is already contained in their Premium Gig, you could have asked about it?
Maybe there was a bit of a language barrier and they can explain it in a way that makes more sense to you if they make an effort? Tbh, “they said I should just accept” would have made me question it rather than accept it, though, but, again, maybe some language issue, or they felt they did not want to bother you with long-winded explanations, and things could be cleared up if you ask them.

If you don’t know what to do, that’s what I’d try first, talking to them. If you won’t get a satisfactory answer, you can still consider canceling that “additional gig for the service already contained within the premium gig”, but perhaps there was some additional thing that wasn’t included after all, and they can explain. (Still another question though, why they didn’t send 1 custom offer for the whole amount then, if it was for the same thing just with an extra, but, again, maybe let them try to explain it and see if it makes sense.)


Thanks for your reply. I just shot them a message, let’s see what I get back.

To clear things up a bit:

Their entire Gigs are a bit confusing anyway. I contacted them specifically because they offer a Gig for an intro and outro with custom animation, but in all their packages it clearly says “NO Outro”. I got the reply that the outro is included in my custom offer. But that $125 Gig specifically includes custom animation (specifically “PRO Quality CUSTOM Animation, Add Character animation, Custom Design”), which is what they wanted me to pay for with the $25 Gig. It just doesn’t make sense to me, at all. If I didn’t need the custom animation, I’d just cut it together myself, no Gig needed. But said Gig already explicitely states custom animation, which is why I ordered it. I’m just so confused at this point.

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It does sound confusing. Well, I hope the fog will clear.

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Ok, so this is the response I got:

Hey yes the visuals of the moon and silhouette of wolf and the whole scene setup and your logo was a psd file which had to be optimized to make it usable for animator, and rest of the different internal poses that the animator would be needing while doing animation, like the jumping thing with claws wide open, so all these was for the extra 25 as the 125 doesn’t cover the graphics part, it’s only for animation

I mean, it reads as if it makes sense, right? But I don’t have any experience in this particular field. Maybe I’m misinterpreting things. Maybe it’s because I was under the impression that “custom animation” included custom assets needed for the scene. Or am I wrong to think that?

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maybe he just wants reviews so he provided 2 custom offer’s instead. I am not sure but that’s what I think :).

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Maybe it does. I’d have asked when I was ordering the gig, and as I’m no expert either, would have probably accepted that explanation, if I had picked them as a seller. Perhaps you’ll get some replies here from experts in the field who could give you more peace of mind if still needed.


By custom design it meant that there will be custom animation done, since it’s an animation gig

Is another answer I got. Like, when I order a 3D animation, they don’t ask me to pay extra for assets they have to create. They are already part of the animation Gig. There are separate Gigs that offer to work with existing assets, i.e. character rigging, animating scenes, etc.

Man, I wish. This is making me uncomfortable in hindsight, because I feel I screwed up because I was in a rush thanks to the previous seller I had to cancel, and I could have posted a custom request.

Oh, and I see you are from Germany. Na, dann guten Tach! :))


Just because I’m kind of naughty… But who knows and perhaps I’m right…

You told them your budget and they made their math on how to almost get paid for the total amount of the original order. Simple as that.

With the extra offer they’re telling you to accept, you’ll basically be paying the 20% Fiverr will charge your seller for the original amount. So, at the end, they’ll be earning $120 out of the $125 original order, and they’ll only need to pay $5 from their own pocket.

Original order: $125
Fiverr’s 20%: $25
Seller’s earning: $100

Offer that makes no sense : $25
Fiverr’s 20%: $5
Seller’s earning: $20

Total seller’s earning: $120


Meh. Kinda makes sense, but I can’t cancel the other one, I think. CS would disagree with me after going through the messages. :thinking:

Hmm… Unfortunately I can’t shoot you a PM. :thinking:

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