2 Different Modern Business Cards


I have more than 4 years of experience in graphic design so you can expect the quality business card design.
I will Create 2 different BUSINESS card design With 24 hours or less time !


Your linked Gig image is everywhere on the web, especially on another marketplace that is a direct Fiverr competitor, so:

  • you either copied that image from the other site and it’s not yours to take, which is against the rules
  • or you are selling the same service on that site as well, which is also against the rules

More so, there are 2 different accounts on that other marketplace providing the same image and service, so:

  • you either have multiple accounts on that other marketplace and one here, which is against the rules
  • or you copied from multiple people of that other site, which is yet again against the rules

And considering the fact that your account is relatively new on this site, whereas your gig image appears on other sites where it has been posted years ago, I assume that those other people haven’t copied you either.

If you want to provide a service on Fiverr, it must be unique with your own Portfolio images, and you are required to do so exclusively on Fiverr. You are not allowed to offer the same service on multiple sites, and you are also not allowed to copy other people’s portfolio images.


What? This one?



No, I was referring to the image of the gig they’ve linked to in the original post, not their profile image :stuck_out_tongue: Although this one also comes up a lot in reverse image searches…


Someone’s showing their detective skills. :wink:

Bravo. :clap:


Haha, no I wasn’t (or maybe just a bit :stuck_out_tongue: ), but sometimes I get annoyed when seeing a gig being promoted even though it breaks the rules.