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2 different user on same wifi connection

Hello, FIVERRians, greetings.
Can it be possible to use or run two different Fiverr accounts on a same wifi connection? It’s a shared broadband connection that connected with WIFI router.

May we (I and my younger brother) able to use two accounts from two different laptops, same wifi connection??

If not possible, then what should be done?


Hi Akil. You need to contact customer support and ask them, else you risk both accounts being banned because to Fiverr’s system, it can look as if it’s 1 person running 2 accounts which is not allowed.
They might not allow it if your brother plans to offer the same kind of gigs, in which case maybe you could work together with your brother on your own account but you definitely need to ask support to be safe.


@miiila Happily noted, ma’am…

you can use the same WiFi connection (IP), but you can’t offer the same services. Or both accounts will be blocked.
You can’t also order from each other, because it would be consider a rating system manipulation.


thanks. noted your point… @xuntes

So helpful thanks for share with us

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You can continue. But don’t try to do spam. Network it’s not problem. Problem is misuse. if you do your work honestly, then don’t need to worried about it.
Best of luck

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Thanks for the advice, @creative_mrketr
I’ll be careful about misuse… I’m not planning any kind of SPAMMING misuse of accounts. it’s my brother who wants to use. I’ll be careful about being misused.