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2 Essential Files Missing, Buyer Disappeared

Hi, i’m new to the forum, i’ve been reading it occasionally but first time writing a new topic! I searched and didn’t find anything about my experience i’m about to tell you, if there’s and i didn’t see it, i apologize.
I had this order a few days ago, and the buyer sent me a zip with a project inside, containing audio files, mainly vocals, because the 2 essential files that would have been the instrumental were missing. (so i basically can’t do the job). I asked him to provide me with these files, and he said yes… But then he disappeared leaving me no choice but to deliver the order (the 3 days delivery time were finished). In the delivery of course i told him again i was waiting for the files so i could start and complete the job, but again, no answer. I’m going on vacation on the 13th of August and will be back on the 2nd of September. My fear is he’ll show up again when i’m not operative and will rate me badly, what do you suggest me to do?

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Hi there, I afraid you could even have a bigger problem… As violating the TOS

Something similar happen to me, the buyer did not send the file I had to work on (was not attached successfully), I messaged him and he did not answer and was time for me to deliver. So I ‘delivered’ explaining the situation and saying I will send again as soon he sends the file.

So automatically because of that, I was demoted, because I did not deliver the order… no matter that after the buyer finally send the file, I re-delivered within 10 minutes and was rated 5 stars.

So maybe it is better to just cancel the order?


@retouchstudio1 is correct. Delivering faux orders is a big no-no. If 5r catches wind of it, you could be in deep :poop:. You’d be better off cancelling the order, instead of leaving the Buyer hanging.

Also, for future reference. If a Buyer didn’t include the files that’s needed to fill the order, you can request a delivery extension via the resolution center.

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As you have already delivered the order, it will be marked as complete in next 3 days. But you can do another thing, go to resolution and send him an extension request and explain everything there. Atleast client will understand the situation. Also leave him a message that, you will complete the task even if it’s automatically marked as complete.

The buyer will definitely understand the situation. But do complete the task as promised when you receive the file.

Hope it helps.

Everything all right, he eventually got back to me and i sent him the work which he was very happy for :slight_smile: Thanks for your replies!