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2 Fiverr Account


Hello all, Hope you all doing good!

i want to ask expert can i create 2 account with 2 different names?


Hello. You don’t need an expert for that, simply read the Terms of Service you agreed to abide by when you registered for a Fiverr account.

To help you on the spot, no, you may not create more than 1 account - but still, do yourself a favour and read the ToS, else you’re bound to do something else that might get you banned.

Link to the ToS is in the footer of every Fiverr page.


Thanks for the reply! if i am opening account with using my brother name. using genuine information then what’s wrong in that?


I’m pretty sure you know yourself what’s wrong with that.
For one, that information may be genuine but it’s not your genuine information, so don’t use it for your account.
But it doesn’t really matter if you don’t see anything wrong with it, anyway, opening accounts in other people’s names is not allowed on Fiverr, period, and probably not by a single website on the whole world wide web either, BTW.
If you want to use those sites, you need to abide by their terms or risk to be banned, rightfully so.

Don’t try to manipulate your way around the site, just take care of your 1 allowed account in your own name and spend your energy on making that account work instead of on ways how to get around the rules.


Like @miiila said, you are not allowed to have 2 or more accounts

As you didn’t read tos, here is part for you to read

Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.


Explain me why is not legal. even i am plugging my brother genuine information, Phone no, name, Bank ac etc. only thing is that whatever work coming that account. i am going to work on that.


Hello, Read other conversation as well


1.) It’s fraud.
2.) It’s against ToS.
3.) Uh:

Go for it. Less competition here isn’t all bad.


You are using your brother’s name and bank information? And you think it’s legal?


If that allowed you may create accounts using information of your mom, dad, sister (if you have), brother, grand father, grand mother, mother of grand mother (maybe) :sweat_smile: etc and you will be working on those accounts. :sweat_smile: Thanks God. Fiverr doesn’t allow to create multiple accounts. :joy::heart:


You should really read whole TOS and what other people are telling you. It is not allowed and that is it


You can’t use more than one…


No…don’t do that…this is against terms and policy.


Exactly, many new seller come here but not read fiverr terms & conditions.