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2 gigs cancelled and can't rate then negative


My wife and I had 2 bad experiences when we trusted someone to write a project for us and nearly to the deadly line

they ( who offer the gig) realizes that can’t do what promised and then cancel the gig or even they passed the time.

I had a great problem now, lost 50c, because just got five back and can’t leave a bad review about the seller. I’m starting to get very disappointed with Fiverr.

My suggestion: If someone cancels the work they promised to do, they should pay you an extra Fiverr gig that is the minimum to fix all issues the person caused.


To be honest, I’ve seen much bigger problems than that. :slight_smile:

The 50c extra is a bad reputation for fiverr.

However, I don’t know what is your case and why the seller canceled. But If 50c are problem for you, no offense, but most likely you started expecting more for 5$ and pushing the seller to the limit where he can’t take it or just doesn’t want to provide more value from what you’ve paid for.

Perhaps check another seller, you will find some that are willing to do they can climb the latter.


after mutual cancellation positive/negative reviews will disappear :slight_smile:


To be as fair to you as possible, it is too bad that there are sellers who cannot or will not complete their end of a deal, but in a huge and cheap global marketplace it will happen at times. You will indeed save yourself some time and grief by contacting sellers first and having a discussion about your needs before placing an order. If they can’t communicate with you well or don’t seem like a good match, look for another because there are many talented sellers on Fiverr.

If you actually lost money also it would be wrong even if it is only 50c. The thing is, if you read the Terms of Service you will see that you don’t lose that money. When you hire another seller (after communicating) to do your job, the processing fee is not charged so you aren’t out any money once you place a new order.


Buyers like these make Fiverr look bad

’‘I had a great problem now, lost 50c’’ … such a loss .



I don’t want to be rude, but have you ever heard about communication? Try to talk with the seller before you place the order. Be sure he can do what you need.

I cancel also a lot of orders because the buyer just place the order and ask what he want and I may not be able to do that.

Enjoy that low price platform with great buyers and sellers.

All the best,