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2 hours left on one of my orders and still none of the info?


My buyer was going to send me the information for a 24 hour gig that he had to have written up last night, and it still has not been sent. I am waiting for it to come patiently and I don’t want it to be a late order, but I still haven’t gotten the information he claimed he was going to send me. In the requirements, he answered each question, but then when I said I was going to start working on it, my buyer responded by saying he needed to get the images and script that my gig will be based on ready. I now have a little over two hours to complete the gig and I am still waiting on the reply. This wouldn’t be a problem if the gig only took me about half an hour but this may take me up to an hour or an hour and a half to complete. Should I send him a request to lengthen the gig time or should I just wait it out and see what happens? I’m somewhat new with only about 5 orders right now and this is the first time I’ve experienced something like this. Thanks ahead of time!


Yes, definitely ask for extra time. You can explain the time deadlines you have to him.
eg. If you can get it to me in the next xx hours then I can complete it by xxxx, but after that it will be xxxx.

Buyers are often unaware of the countdown clock, it doesnt show on the buyer side, so they don’t see it as a problem to order and then not send requirements. I generally say something like “As Fiverr can penalize sellers for being late I am asking for an extension to the delivery time…”


Thanks for the response, I’ll be sure to request extra time right away.


Agree with the @eoinfinnegan
Go to your order page and click on resolve now button and theirs a option called ‘extend delivery time or something’.
Time counter can only see by sellers side.So I think that will not be a problem but I suggest you to communicate with buyer and fix the issue.Late deliveries cause to reduce your Delivery on time ratio.
Also empty delivery violate fiverr rules.


Thanks for your input! I sent him a resolution and now I’m just waiting for him to either accept the resolution and send me his script later, or decline it and send the script and pictures now. Wish me luck!


@ceylontech @eoinfinnegan Now I have a different problem/concern. The time is still ticking down, so if my buyer doesn’t respond within the hour and a half-ish left, then what do I do?


I havent actually used the additional time request feature, I assumed that it would stop the clock like a cancellation request does.
As I am a more established seller, if it was me I would not worry about it going late as I get enough orders to make up for it. As a newer seller, I would request a cancellation with a very polite and almost apologetic tone stating that due to the delay you need the seller to either accept the request for extra time or cancel the order and reorder when they have the material ready.


I thought it would stop the time too, seeing as to how it gives the buyer 48 hours to accept or deny the request. I have a few more orders this week to complete, but seeing as to how I only have 2 reviews and completed orders, I won’t have enough to balance it out. I think I will wait a little longer just to be sure.


I was in a similar situation once in which the client was unresponsive and my timer was running out. I chose to cancel the order with the help of customer support.
The client came back 2 days later and placed a new order.

If you don’t want to be late you can contact customer support. They will cancel the order for you.


Do be aware that 1 minute late is still a late delivery.
Wait til close to the timer finishes but it is not a big deal to request a cancellation as long as you explain the reason.
Cancellation only becomes an issue if you are doing it very often.


Thanks for your input! My nerves just get to me when a buyer tells me that they need the gig completed in 24 hours and don’t supply the needed information. I’ll keep that in mind!


Oh. Thanks again for the response! I’m waiting until there are 15 minutes left. I thought that cancellations that are shown can be compared to not delivering and buyers see both as risky.


The only cancellations that are shown are those that are for failing to deliver on time. When a buyer cancels a late delivery it automatically leave a 1 star. Other cancellations are not shown but it is important to minimize cancellations and not make a habit of them as too many can damage your ranking in the search results.


Thanks for the reassurance. I just sent a cancel request and I hope I never have to do it again. I will try to keep the rate as low as possible so it does not impact my gigs.


And hopefully the buyer will not cancel but accept the additional time request instead although I am not sure if both options are there for them now.


There is only about 10 minutes left, but I sent a cancel request so I had to get rid of the increasing time offer. For some reason, the time is still going down. If he doesn’t reply within that timeframe, will it be considered late?


It sounds like there has been a change since my last cancellation, perhaps someone else can answer this.


Okay, so the time went down to where I thought it would be considered late. Now, however, it just restarted the time. It says I have another day remaining.


Hi Braden, I faced same situation few months ago. What I did is, I just sent “Extend Delivery Time request” within 12 hours. Remember it won’t stop the clock. Luckily, buyer responded by accepting the request & later he submitted the details.

After while I edited my gig & added my requirements in the “Tell your buyer what you need to get started.” Please refer the screenshot. Also I made the answer is mandatory. So without answering my questions buyer cannot start an order. Then it was easy as most of the buyers answered the questions. Funny part is, still there are people who don’t submit the details & they are smart enough to start the order by saying “I will send you the details later”.


Not as bizarre as people ordering things they do not have the necessary materials ready for, but bizarre all the same.