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2 hours of work, 22 hours of waiting!

These days, as the orders seem to have decreased, it’s been like orders from fiverr requires utmost 2 hours of work daily and for the rest of 22 hours, I keep on waiting for another order. This feels like an addiction that I keep on checking Fiverr app (despite it gives notifications on new activity) for new activity such as a query message from a prospective buyer or a new order !

Addiction is good :slight_smile:

You mean you never sleep?

Lol… you caught me there :smiley: Practically I sleep but mentally don’t :)))

I am having the same experience

Hmmmm… right after I posted this post, there was a slight betterment… some 5 orders after this… :slight_smile: I wish you good luck @carolowiti

True @idostuff4u … this addiction is a result of real hard work and passion :slight_smile:

True… Fiverr is the only freelance site that i like but it seems to be “sleeping” right now.

@aniuskacoy - it has been doing good recently… how are things at your end?