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2 Hours to Fulfill a Revision Request - Is This New?

So a buyer has just requested a revision on an order delivered on time 2-days ago. What is strange is that the order countdown clock is now ticking down from exactly 2-hours. The original order countdown should have already expried. In this case, this isn’t the old countdown simply resuming.

My problem with this is that the same thing happened yesterday with another order. I didn’t think anything of it then as I was on hand to do therevision. Now, though, I’m worried if this might actually be a new one of Fiverr’s schiziphrenic updates.

So is anyone else experiencing this? And if that countdown gets to zero, does an order count as late?

I guess I’ll find out soon. I’m not at home and can’t edit videos off my tablet. Pretty messed up if this is official, though…


I had the same issue couple days ago. I delivered on time, buyer asked for revision and original countdown continued. When it expired, I had another 24h countdown ( no idea why, since the delivery time was 7 days ) after that the order was marked as late but didn’t count against me.

It’s annoying that orders delivered on time are marked as late during revisions. The good thing is that doesn’t count against us. ( yet? )

Anyway, is there any time limit for delivery of modified work or revision request can stand there indefinite amount of time?


Hmm :thinking:

As far as I’m aware if the bold & annoying ###LATE### appears it won’t affect us. Then again, things can change. Either way it’s weird @cyaxrex maybe reach out to CS to confirm?

I’m not :100:% sure. I remember in the past it took me 24-hours to complete a revision. I haven’t gone beyond 24-hours tho.


The last time I had a revision request (less than a week ago) it also gave me a timer but for 24h. I wasn’t sure if it meant anything or not but I haven’t been in a situation where I couldn’t redeliver within 24. I didn’t give it much thought, but it would be interesting to know what Support would say.


I ignore this as it currently does not reflect on our "on-time " stats.

I have had emails and late messages many times but it did not affect any stat. I believe this is an issue and it confuses sellers.


Well, I didn’t get any kind of late order notification via email. In this case, I think this is just some kind of seizure Fiverr has periodically. :slight_smile:

I have enabled email notifications in my account which allows me to obtain emails related to various things that happen in my account.

So, I wrote CS today and got a response a couple hours later.

Roberto’s response :small_red_triangle_down: @odal456 I asked about your Q as well.



Thank you so much Nika! :upside_down_face:

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I see it will damage the response rate, So I think the sellers do take the hit from buyers clicking revision and havingthe timer run out ?

The best thing to do is revise in a timely manner.

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