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2 impressions in the last 10 days

10 days ago I changed the meta tag of my best seller gig (I know, was an awful idea).

I knew that my impressions would go down for a few days. but 10 days have passed and all my gigs are ultra-red numbers.

I already have 2 weeks in which nobody writes to me and my most important gigs were always on the first page. Now they are in the last one. I do not know how many more days I should wait, but I think 10 is more than enough.

I think that fiverr must do something with positioning if we decide to change the tags, it’s not right that we lose several days of work by testing our gigs.

I leave my gig, maybe you can see what you are doing that only had 2 impressions in the last 7 days:

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Hi there @labweb, that you don’t see impressions most likely because Fiverr has seen something unusual on your Gigs which they can’t approve… and most likely they will delete your Gig/Gigs. Have you recently changed your images added some links etc, this could be the cause… 10 days is far too long if you ask me… usually it takes 24 hours for your gigs to shown again after some moderation… good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

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Thank you Humberto, You said that I’ll write them?

All of my gigs have very awful statistics. 70impressions, 58impressions, and 200impressions.

Now even the scammers do not write to me. :frowning: