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2 job completed in 3 weeks ago with 5 star review. Whay i did't get any job last 3 weeks?


I am a new seller. i completed my 2 jobs in 3 weeks ago. I don’t understand why i can’t get any job after complete my 2 jobs. But I am bidding, gig marketing.

Please any one can help me and give me any suggestion.


In which category you work?


Web development and wordprees


Your account is relatively new as compared to other competitors so it will take time. The skills you are offering are saturated in market. One thing more dont offer 90 days customer service because fiverr doesnt works that way. You can offer revisions which i think 2 are sufficient. Then there is no way to grantee money back in fiverr. So overall it looks immature.
Read TORS of fiverr and study little its working structure and adjust your gig accordingly. Visit level 2 sellers profiles and take notes of their way of formulating gigs.
Keep sending requests on buyers request page.

I am relatively new as well i started working 2 months ago and about to complete my first $2000+ earning stat


wow just 2 months and you have made $2,000 wow that’s huge! i just joined fiverr about 10 days ago and i have made just 3 sales worth $24… hoping to get more soon… all my sales are from BR i haven’t gotten a single order outside that tho… expecting one soon… congratulations once again! got any tip you could share that could help me?


Thats ok first sales always come from buyer requests page. Communicate as good as possible with your buyer and always keep looking fiverr system so you dont get in to problems. One thing i did was closely monitored trend of services needed. I create a list of which kind of service was asked most in buyer requests and what concerns they have. I started applying accordingly. Like i always put outline of solution and talk in vocabulary they understand like if i want to know that i can provide them a responsive interface i would right
"I will provide you responsive which will display content neatly on all devices. I will use bootstrap for creating responsive design". My first sentence addresses client’s concern and second part tells him the tech i will use which validates my claim of offered skill.


wow thank you so much for this… i will apply all these