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2 Lessons for the PERFECT GIG (LONG - Only suitable for SERIOUS Sellers)


Fiverr is a highly competitive marketplace. Every day thousands of sellers and buyers start their business relationships together and in all of this noise of people offering their services, it is easy to get buried and forgotten without even making your first sale.

Today I am sharing my experience of envisioning, researching and creating my first gigs and what lessons I have learned through my journey towards the Perfect Fiverr Gig. I hope that in the future I will be able to create several more educational posts like this one. Throughout my still young Fiverr carrier I have been able to gain a lot of experience from the wonderful community of this forum and would love to give back to it.

This post will only contain lessons focused on creating, designing and optimizing and it will be pretty long, so if you do not possess the ambition to create a Perfect Gig that will leave your customers satisfied and be a pulling force for potential buyers, you do not have to read it.

Lesson I - Research
This should be the first step you take in the creation of your gig. You need to be familiar with the market space you want to join in order to stand out from it and draw customers to your craft.

Step 1: Start with selecting your NICHE: Not everything is suitable for Fiverrs marketplace due to the way the platform is set up. Also, let me introduce to you the concept of the Blue Ocean. This is a strategy that divides every service into 2 categories: A Blue Ocean (this is an uncontested market space which makes your competition irrelevant as long as you bring value to your customers) and a Red Ocean (these market spaces are bound by their competition, here you need to accommodate to your surroundings and make sure you always bring more value than your competitors). You need to know in which kind of Ocean you are swimming so you can adapt and not end up drowning.

Step 2: Competition analysis: The points your analysis contains will depend on the type of Ocean you are in but for the most parts a good analysis should contain:
2.1. A list of your competitors and a summary of their gigs. (What do they exactly offer, is it exactly the same service as you do and at what price tag?)
2.2. What are your competitor’s strength and weaknesses? (Do they have a great description, does their visual representation suck? How can you better your gig based on that?)
2.3. Specifics around their gig. (What tags do they use for their gigs, what is their gig title, gig category).

Knowledge is power! And having this kind of information will let you create a Gig that stands out from your competitors and help you tremendously as a new seller.

Lesson II - Gig Creation
After concluding your research, figuring out the niche you want to operate in and analyzing your competitors now it’s time to put that hard work into action and actually producing your Perfect Gig.

1. Having eye-pleasing and captivating gig photos - This includes the “Primary Photo” of your gig, the photo supposed to be a summary of your gig that draws the attention of your potential buyers. (You can check mine for reference, although I do not think they are the best possible examples).

2. Paying attention to your gig descriptions - A big turn-off for buyers is the undescriptive and unprofessional look of gigs and the gig description plays a huge role in this (even though a lot of sellers think that buyers do not read them, surprise, they do!). Your gig should reflect your attitude towards your craft. If you have a poorly written and not very specific or creative description it shows you haven’t spent a lot of time on. How can a buyer expect you to pay attention and spend time on his business if you don’t spend time on yours? (This point is coming from my perspective, there are a lot of gigs that are doing great with basic descriptions).

3. Having a “FAQ” section never hurts! - Тhis is one of the most noticeable difference between an experienced seller and a newbie. “FAQ” Section represents security for the buyer, it is a place where you as a seller can answer the doubts a potential customer has. Believe me that can make the difference between a completed order and a missed opportunity.

4. Offering reasonable prices! - You don’t know how many times I have seen sellers that are just starting and they have a 30-50 $ price tag. Without any kind of reputation and work behind their backs and most of the time without even following the basic principles I have listed above. If you are serious about your Fiverr career you should arm yourself with patience and rid yourself of greed.

These 2 lessons only cover the research and creation phases of the Perfect Gig, but to be a Perfect Seller that yields success takes more than that. (I am a prime example for that as still an inexperienced in selling through Fiverr).
If you have come this far - Congratulations! Doubting a lot of people managed this feat, but you have shown a true desire for success in Fiverr and I wish you the best of luck.

Expect more on this topic from me and let’s help better the Community of Fiverr!

Why not come order Plz HELP ME?

Greeting, mrhamb!

I am really glad you found my insights valuable. Your gigs look great, clean images/descriptions.
One thing I might add is having a more descriptive cover image that presents your Gig & your skills better. Check Lesson ll, point 1 of this post.(But this is just a suggestion and you do not have to work on it).

The best of luck in your Fiverr journey!

Fiverr should for new user
Conversion is decraesing?

Would you critique my gigs if I send their links to you?


Gladly, amritamazumder! :slight_smile:


Thank you. Please check your text.


Thank you so much for this informations


Yeah I’ve been thinking about that too actually, it’s just that I’ve looked around and saw some top sellers promoting the same gig as mine without much description…only the mascot design as the promoting page. But not all of them are like that, perhaps I should try adding some more details in my gig and see if that would make the difference. Need to be a bit different maybe? :thinking:

Anyway, thanks for the wish! And hope all the best to you too!


I have said it in my post as well, there are a lot of great sellers with basic cover photos and description, but they were here before us, probably when the market space was in a more favorable shape and they have the upper-hand, we need to do better than them and differentiate ourselves enough so we draw our own customers.


There is no problem, Ridouan! I hope that it will be useful to you, I will surely add more of these kinds of post in the future.


Fantastic write up! I have taken away something new to me, the oceans perspective. So thank you for that. :beers:

I would also be curious to any feedback you might have on my gig(s). I have a feeling that this reply thread might turn into a surge of gig reviews, so please only do it if you don’t mind and have the time. I will send to you.


Paul Luis


Hi,seems like I heard this thread before.all the post is written by yourself.or it’s old thread copy or paste.may be I am wrong.but very well said.


Hey, Ocean.

It is possible you have heard some of my argumentation before as there are so many things that can be said about optimizing your Fiverr Gig(s), but this thread, it’s structure and thoughts are 100 % original.
Thanks for the compliment, there is more to be asked in terms of clarity of the text, but I am working towards it.

PS: The post was posted in “Fiverr Experience” tab firstly but quickly moved to “Fiverr Tips” through the aid of a moderator.


Please don’t mind.i just said it nothing the way iam notta newbie.joined the fiverr last year.


Sellers should pay attention to their gig descriptions, indeed. And they shouldn’t copy any part of their gig description, otherwise they risk getting flagged for plagiarism. Even copying a couple of sentences can get them flagged (and can also make buyers not trust them).


Well said sir!


Glad to have been of help, Ehz_Design!


Thank you- the post gave me some ideas :slight_smile:
I took the similar approach with primary gig photos- the concept is pretty much the same. You wouldn’t believe it, but my draft versions had stars as well :slight_smile: Since I’m in the medical writing niche, I decided to make it very clear what the gig is about, and remove everything that’s not absolutely necessary. Being minimalistic in social media marketing is probably not a good idea :).
Thanks, I enjoyed reading the post!


Great hearing this, md0000!

Yea, stars are a pretty good way to represent the quality that a Gig can bring. As a writer you absolute need to have a clear writing so your choice is correct! Thanks for the time you have put to read this post.

Best of luck in your Fiverr career, Md0000.


This is terrific!!! The OP captured every essential information necessary to get a newbie in motion for success to the top. This is supposed to be a small course haha. Maybe you should put it together. Nice one! :slight_smile:


Glad you find liked it, jenny!
I might just do it, I have a desire to give back to the community so definitely expect more post of this type.

Best of luck in your Fiverr journey!