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2 month in just 1job with gig problem

I’ve been making gigs for 2 months. just 1 order completed and right now gig loses impression. What to do now?


Send buyer requests frequently. I get most of my orders from buyer requests. You can also try sharing your gigs on social media, but I’m not sure if that would help much

It would be great if you could look at my profile and give me some advice.
my profile:sorkar_anik | Social Media Marketing | Fiverr

I don’t know much about social media marketing, but your gigs look good to me

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I share a lot of my gig on my social media .I always send buyer requests
But no one ever knocked me out. Received an order directly from gig.

It takes time. I opened my account, waited for 3 months and never got an order. Closed my account and opened again after a year, and started getting orders from buyers requests. Just be patient

Pray for me so that I can do something good.

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Just be aware that this actually means beating someone to unconsciousness. I am glad that nobody has ever done this to you.

Now, as far as not having gotten many jobs, there are literally a hundred thousand other sellers in your vertical selling the exact same service as you. Like any business, Fiverr takes patience and perseverance.

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if you think your gig down day by day then delete the gig and create the new gig

Thank you…

Sorkar, I think are you new at Fiverr. I am sharing some tips for improving your gig.

  1. I already see your gig title, this is not meaningful. So, select a nice gig title for your Fiverr gig.

  2. your gig image is not of good quality, So create a meaningful gig image. because of the first impression is best for sale… etc!

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Just to help you with the English translation, the word you are after is “share.”

“Shear” is what you do to remove the wool from a sheep :slight_smile:

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This is fascinating, thank you so much for not only correcting them but also bringing others (me in particular) more knowledge :joy:

Me when learning that new word :


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You’re welcome! It’s a really common error on the forums, and if fluent English speakers help correct mistakes for less fluent English speakers, they often won’t know they’re making a mistake! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an utopian quest you’re after ! But that is very generous of you !

We also need to get something done with the “Bro/Dear/Mam” situation… Please save us form this !

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I’m trying with that one as well! I created a thread with the terms that shouldn’t be used professionally that I link to when I see the common mistakes like “bro” and “dear”:

The problem is that the people who need to read it often don’t, or perhaps don’t understand it because the language is too complex. It’s hard to learn if you don’t understand the lessons :frowning:

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It’s hard to learn if you don’t understand the lessons

or don’t want to learn the lessons :wink:

Then wonder why sales don’t happen :wink: :wink:


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Thank you so much… :+1:

You are right sir. This is a great tip. Thanks for share your advice.