2 months and My gig got featured!


I use to have my own website where I made most of my sales. I was always against fiverr because I felt I had to lower my prices. Then I realized, I’d rather lower my prices and get more customers. Fiverr also provides reassurance that the buyer is not getting ripped off. I Closed down the website, opened a fiverr gig and promoted on my instagram!

I love it here and just received word my fiverr gig is now featured!

Never take on something you’re not great it
Always over deliver
Communicate extensively before you deliver
Start an instagram account and direct your buyers to the link in the bio which brings you to fiverr!


Congratulations on getting featured.

As you mentioned Instagram, just want to know if you promote your gigs on your personal Instagram account? If not, what type of posts does your Insta account have?


Thanks for shearing, I’m going to create Instagram account :slight_smile:


I’m an artist and have a pretty big following so I just told my followers to visit the link in the bio and made the majority of my sales like that