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2 months experience in fiverr


Hi Fiverr,
I’m a new seller on Fiverr… I’m starting as a seller on 3 July 2018 … And surprisingly I got 1 order on 6 July, the buyer also very happy with the order and place a new order again on 9 July means I got 2 order under 1 weak.
Guys, you know that its magic for me … But
:pensive: After I’m complete my 5 order (last order 27 July) I have no order form last 26 days … Buyers visit my gig and also contact me but don’t place any order they just tell me that “I place an order in a few days”

Please I need you to help


Oppssss… do not worry . improve your gigs


Hey mahesh,

There are ups and downs and right now you are in a down, try advertising your gig on social media and target people that are interested in 3d logo design to start getting orders.

Kind regards,


Same with me buyer comes to talk and then disappear some want a free sample before placing an order some says I will come in few days.


My sales have gone down a bit because is August and buyers are on the beach. Don’t forget to hit the buyer requests several times a day. Not only will you be seen more by your potential buyers, but you will learn what people are searching. Imagine you see 6 people searching for a new online marketplace logo, you can create a custom gig for that service! :wink:


do not upset, there will be up and down in markets. Always try your best.


Don’t lose Hope Improve Your Gigs and Make More Gigs . Good Luck :slight_smile:


Hi Five,
I’m a new seller on Fiverr… I’m starting as a seller on 3 Fab 2018. But this time i have no order am waiting my coustomers.:neutral_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Send buyer request, promote your gigs where you think your potential cutomers
maybe. Make a FB page for your gigs. Wish you best of the luck:)


No need to worry try to improve your gigs, and allure customer by adopting various technique prescribed by fiverr. Don’t annoyed and keep continue your effort. I damn sure, you will get success very soon.


what u say ? sory i cant understand you


but mare pass to ab tk aya he nhi order .but ma zyda old nhi hn na islye .:wink:


Do you send buyer request?


Ohh No No Dear I Need A Byer Request:wink: Becouse am No Old here this time i Have no order:zipper_mouth_face:


Buyer request is requested from the buyers what they want to be done and we sellers send them our offers how will we have done that project with time duration and budget.
On the top bar of your profile, you will see selling click on it there will open a menu in the menu you will see buyer request click on it.
Buyer request shows hardly so try to see this in different time of the day.


There will be times when you have a lot of sales and at other times not so much. Don’t give up. Promote your gigs on social media. Tell your friends and family about your business and see if they’re interested in your services. Always check the Buyer Requests section for any post on jobs that you are able to do. All the best!


Hi,i think u said it all.about BR most of pplz don’t know how to use BR section.they just came down to the BR section and sent out the request to the buyers.they don’t realize that it’s more to learn from the BR section.i have learned everything from the BR.even I never gotten any order through it.


My first year I think I made one sale. Then I began to apply Buyer Requests. I built my customer base from there but, it’s a great site to check what people need. Perhaps they are searching for something you can offer.

You have only one try when impressing your potential customer, so try to be professional in your answers. Check misspellings twice (install Grammarly addon in your browser to help you with written English) and in some months you’ll have a nice income from Fiverr. :moneybag:

Good luck everybody!


R u talking to me.i had joined the fiverr last year.and doing very on fiverr and some others platforms too.


Hey guise,

I am a new member of this site and waiting for a job, all are good experienced and doing well.

Good Luck!