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2 months left no order?

2 months left but I have no order in my print item gig. My gig has also ranked on the page but I don’t get the order. what can I do now?


2 months left? :open_mouth:

Wait, is some world-ending asteroid careening towards the Earth that I’m unaware of?

You offer product catalogue and business brochure design services. You also offer unlimited revisions, quick 1 to 3 day delivery and a “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee” and “Money-Back Guarantee.”

Promising so much with such a quick turnover might actually turn away potential buyers who think the gig will never deliver all that it promises.

For your own sake, remove the unlimited revisions, 100% satisfaction and money back guarantees from all your gigs. Those just leave you open to a world of hurt from less-than 100% pleased buyers and predatory scammers.


What @enunciator said.

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