2 Months- Level 2 seller- completed 180 order - with Avg 15$ per gig


First of all i would like to thanks FIVERR who has given us such a great platform to earn.

Fiverr is only source of my earning. I have joined two month later and have not received any order in next 15 days… Then suddenly i got my first order and day by day i got many and now i have completed 180 orders.

We are the best graphic designer and we are expert in more than 1000 mockups for any LOGO. We have designed more than 500 brand new logo for our clients.

We are very happy to work on Fiverr.

Currently we are offering very premium services on FIVERR at very low price.





Now we have started Data entry work as well and done 5 order successfully.

Thanks fiverr and Admin team for your great support.

Thanks to all my buyer.

And lastly thanks to my great team who is working for me.




After 3 months now i have done 300 orders… Thanks Fiverr…:slight_smile:


Thanks to Fiverr and my all Buyer… I have completed More than 400 successful order…:slight_smile:


ohh good. i also like to know how to get more sales on fiverr and list my gig in recommended catogory…

is this your luck ? or did you promote it ?

Help me to get success like you.