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2 months, no order

hey everyone, hope you all are having a nice day.

As you can see from the title, I m very upset and unable to sort out the issue. i m getting at least 5 orders in a month but now i m not even getting any message or quote. My gig is getting de-ranked from 7k to 30 impressions.

I don’t know what to do. Anyone out there who can help me or guide me any article?

Let me tell you i was going to be a level 1 seller on 15 January 2021, but i got a warning and after that warning my profile is de-ranked. What i was thinking maybe because of a warning my profile is not getting any order. AM I right or not, correct me and guide me, please.

keep trying and also practice a lot

@graphicemphire1 yes mam i m practicing but now i m feeling very down. BTW thank you for reading my post do you think is there any mistake?

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You can follow this article New Sellers .... The True Way to Success!

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