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2 months - No sales

Hi community :slight_smile:

2 months passed since I created my account and Gig in Fiverr. I wanted to know if it’s normal to new users to not receive any offer in this amount of time. I’m still motivated, but its a doubt I have as I’m following various recommendations to increase the visibility of my Gig.

Does the Gig analytics N/A affects negatively to sales therefore it is even harder to receive the first offer to new sellers?

I would appreciate if you could check my gig and give me some feedback to improve it.

Thank you all and have a great week :smiley:

Stay online more time and got buyer request for sending offer

Hei man, 9months have been passed and no gigs yet? I’m newbie too, can’t really say how this algorithm works but dont give up. Hang in there!