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2 months on Fiverr - Feedback



I started on Fiverr almost 2 months ago and I would like to have some feedback on my profile and Gig. I’m trying to optimise and improve my Gig continually.



Anything i can do better? What do you about my Gigs layout and description?

Jonathan Bau


I’m currently making a video


Hi. I’m taking a look. First obvious thing is that you have spelt designer incorrectly.


For some reason I can’t see any gigs?


I can see them now.


There are a couple of errors in the gig but nothing terrible. I think it just takes time to build up a customer base. Could you add another gig or two? The video should help. Also , your examples of work are all very similar; it might help if you showed that you can vary your output.


Hi Jonathan, your work looks great and I’m sure if people saw it they would hire you. But I reckon that is probably the problem, having just one gig is limiting your profile’s reach. Roughly how many impressions/clicks etc do you have? Also when a gig is new it gets a boosted ranking (I think anyway). I think you need to create more gigs, whether they’re for different types of graphics or just more gigs on logos. E.g “I will design a minimalistic logo for $5” as well as your current one. Your gig looks good, you just need more!


Reply to @rosebarlow: Have you tried the link?