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2 months on Fiverr

It has been 2 months for me on Fiverr. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get any orders because of how saturated this platform is. But I still got orders! And that’s what is great about this platform, I feel. It genuinely gives an opportunity to anyone who is willing to put their time into this platform, unlike other platforms where you just get crushed by old and more known services. I’m only going to be more hopeful about Fiverr now!

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Same…haven’t got any orders yet…I left before but came back again…I don’t have any other place to freelance. and well …I like this platform despite all the horror stories I read from old threads.


This is my third time on Fiverr. And I had decided to just do my part and be hopeful. What I realized is that it’s a slow process but it works. So yeah. Keep at it buddy!