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2 Months Online 0 Order

It is more than 2 months I am online on Fiverr but I got 0 order. I got one message in 2 weeks and buyers just beg for a lower price. I think my gig has a perfect price but they want everything for 5$. What can I do :confused:


Yes It’s Happend normally if you’re are new wish you good luck


Don’t be worried!!! You got order ASAP

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Yeah I am waiting for it, but it is boring. :frowning:


send buyer request and be patient

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It took 3 months for my first order. So have patience.

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Suggest you check out the competition in your categories re pricing as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

This has already been suggested to you in previous topics.

Will leave this with you.


I am doing it. thank you

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I clicked through one of your gigs and really, the worst thing you could add to your gig description is all summed up in this:


100% Customer Satisfaction.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Unlimited revisions till the client are happy 
Less price

You’d be better off removing all of these points, buyers can use all of them against you to get free work from you.


Lower price is 5$ ( not most of them just 3 or 4 people ) but they just using free themes and creating some website looks like trash. There are quality difference between them and me.

You think that’s the main point that people ask for lower price ? btw good suggestion

Quite frankly, if I was looking for someone offering your services and I saw a gig offering one, let alone all of these points, I would think it looks somewhat desperate and probably easily exploitable. If you want serious buyers who value your work and are willing to pay for quality, they won’t go for the cheapest person who delivers the fastes, but rather someone who knows the value of their work and also knows you can’t get the world within a few hours. If you can deliver faster than specified, that has a more positive effect on the buyer in my experience.

With that being said, I don’t know if removing those points will get you more orders, but I’m pretty sure it will increase the chance that you receive serious requests.


Of course I said that too. Someone just killing this service’s price.And I can deliver faster than my delivery time but for it I need order xD

Have you considered diversifying your services? Because all your gigs revolve around the same types of services which might just not be in demand as much at the moment. Also, searching for “wordpress website” shows that your prices are below average I’d say which may not be a positive thing.

Because firstly I want to get some orders, after I’ll increase price ( but some of them asking lower than this price just imagine :slight_smile: ) . Because I just posted another thread here and people say first just decrease your gigs price.

I wonder if well established sellers suggested that or people who haven’t got more than a handful of orders themselves. But good luck!

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Thank you so much for your suggestion ))

Do SEO of your Gigs, make a video for your Gig, make Eye-catchy thumbnails for your Gig. I hope it works and you will get an order soon.

Dear for any start up one has to be patience. Do not lose faith. You will shine in future if you are strong believer of providing quality services.

Did you even check my gigs ? I think they are better