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2 months passed and buyer says he will write to fiverr

Hello dear friends,

I redesigned a whole website for one guy 2 months ago and he also asked me to optimize it. I made it and he accepted it. Couple of days ago he changed something and I don’t know what, and claims that I did something wrong that his site is slow and he will write to fiverr.

In case he writes, will fiverr protect him or me? Already two months passed and he accepted the delivery and was happy with it, until he changed something on that site. Now he terrorizes me on Facebook - he found me and tells he will write to fiverr.

What should I do?

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Let’s not be over-dramatic. He does not “terrorize” you. He might be annoying you, pestering you, or making grand claims or false threats, but I can guarantee that he is not “terrorizing” you.


How? Surely your name on FB isn’t the same as it is here? If you’ve got a business page then that would be understandable - just block him. No reason for him to find your personal page though?

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Well he make threats, but is it serious? I did my job and what happens after, how can I be responsible for that. I delivered my work and he checked everything.

Fiverr will give you a chance to say your side before they take any action either way

Block him on Facebook, and he won’t be able to bother you anymore.

You did the work two months ago. The order has completed and cleared. You no longer owe him anything, and he has no reasonable claim over you if something on HIS site broke and he doesn’t know how to fix it.


Right, I agree with you.

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