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2 Months to Jan 15


Let the games begin! :walking_man::walking_woman::running_man::running_woman::basketball_man::basketball_woman::weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_woman::biking_man::biking_woman::mountain_biking_man::mountain_biking_woman::woman_cartwheeling::men_wrestling::women_wrestling::man_playing_water_polo::horse_racing::skier::snowboarder::golfing_man::golfing_woman::rowing_man::rowing_woman::swimming_woman:


Well, my response rate is still 88% despite the fact I reply everything instantly, so really I don’t care. Whatever will be, will be.


Me too - I will just do the best I can with the orders I got, won’t look at anything. Won’t rush an order just to beat the delivery time. Whatever happens, will happen. As long as the search positions are not affected, I don’t care.


Yeah, I bet we are all making all this noise and the clients don’t even care. It’s the search rank what decides the business. If you are in page 2 and beyond, you are dead. And unfortunately there is no logic behind that, it seems to be totally random. I have a 100% completition rate, I deliver 99% of my gigs in 3 hours or less, my rating is 5* in all gigs (except an idiot who gave me a 3* once) and I am always in the middle to the bottom of searches, so I’ve decided not to stress about anything, really. Whatever will be, will be.


Started this 60 days period with a deleted order :frowning: not a big deal though, just something I found funny :wink:


At present, I need to pull my delivered on time up from 88%. BUT this is annoying the hell out of me as it was at 94% before I started getting hit by the disappearing extra fast order bug. 4 - possibly 5 of these (I can’t remember now) and my stats dripped to 86% which after delivery of approx 50 orders since, has only climbed up by 1%.

I do deliver orders late occasionally but there is absolutely no way in hell that I deliver 12 out of every 100 orders late. That is just preposterous.

Also, this had me really on edge yesterday, as with 30 minutes to spare before an order was up, Fiverr started giving me ‘unknown error’ messages as I tried to upload files. Thankfully, I managed to create a shareable link in Google in time but still… I could do without the anxiety.

All that said, I’ve modified my thinking on this one a bit. Since I’m cutting down my Fiverr workload anyway, I’m going to get everything as high in the green as possible by Jan 15th and then just forget about it and possibly take a week or two off, as I really want to know how this new rating system affects vacation mode. If VM kills your ranking, that’ll be the biggest deal breaker.


OK, made my would-be-a-ritual visit to Analytics page. :pray:

Order completion rate - 87%
On-time Delivery - 81%

Gods are not on my side. :pensive:


On the plus side, I am really thankful for this. I was getting worried about the Gujarat elections, but now I have forgotten all about it, Fiverr has now become my main focus - not politics, not stock markets. Maybe this is just the kick I needed. Awesome!


Baahubali conclusion in on 15th Jan. Let’s wait and see. :wink:


Take it as a sport, make sure you are covered financially, and you will enjoy the whole thing - maybe this will make us better sellers and help us make more money in the long run. My October was my best month ever and November might get even better. Let’s have fun!


Yes, it’s going to be fun for sure. Let’s see how the effects pan-out.

This is the mantra:


Will it be affected?


I would not stress too much about it. Just keep doing what you do as good as you can :wink:

You are your own boss, don’t let Fiverr dictate how you feel or act based on the recent changes.


That’s not so simple. If downgrading from level 2 to level 1 means landing at the end of the search results, I’m done, it’s jus less and less profit. And I wll be at level 1 for sure, because of constantly cancellations because some buyers can’t read the gig description.

But this is also a good opportunity to get out of this unfair system and create own website with my products and start promoting it in social media. Better to prepare ASAP.


That’s one solution, especially if Fiverr is your only source of income.

What I mean is that you should not let Fiverr dictate how you feel over the recent changes. Telling someone that your response time should be x or your cancellation rate y is basically someone telling you how to do your job or service. That can be overwhelming and stressful and you should try to overcome that :slight_smile:


Wisely said! And I will double that, because they force me to put more than 20 letters :slight_smile:


The Gods should lower the rates to 80%, those :bug:s seem to have a penchant for the 80s.


Well I don’t know what’s your cancellation rating, but it would be ridiculous to get down to level 1 with so high score you have now because of some mutual cancellations or unanswered series of spam messages.


Well, the bug thing is more the response rate, not the cancellation rate, right now all my rates are 100% incidentally, but I often get that bug when you get an inbox message which Fiverr has pre-blocked for you and no matter how I react (including CS tips) it hits my response rate, and people who order several times accidentally etc. seem to all come within the same timeframe too or the same client causes multiple cancellations at once (I got such cancellations, for instance, when it looked as if Fiverr hadn´t taken someone´s payment to them, so they ordered the same gig until they could see the order went through, and thus got the ‘accidental’ orders cancelled by CS then, I´d call that a bug too, actually and not ‘my cancelation rate’.
I´m not worrying about my rating as much as I think 90% is simply too high, generally, under the current circumstances.

Either way, most of the times I see people writing about bugs, it´s numbers like 8x% and most people I see posting about cancelations not their fault seem to be at 8x% too, so I think 80% would make more sense than 90%, at least if those bugs won´t get ironed out before Jan 15 and if really all and any cancellation counts against the rate, no matter how unfair.


I can identify with the bugs - it was a simpler time back then.
Even my school teachers didn’t require that I keep a 96% average score, nor did they test me every single month!
Although my “on time percentage” back then was probably better than it is now.