2 more orders to get level 2?


I have completed 48 orders and 2 more orders there to get level 2 perk


Let new year come with level-2… Wish you best of luck… Happy new year.


According to Fiverr’s new requirements to get a level 2 seller badge, you will have to earn at least $2,000 as well.


IS it true that you have to earn $2000 for level 2??


The new requirements don’t start until the 15th January…:slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats wish you a successful journey dear !


Loll its mean we got this badge in good times lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that’s true but if you can’t earn at least $2k until 15 January then your badge might get removed, what do you think about this?


Fiverr have already said that if you achieve level 2 by 15th January, you won’t be demoted for not making the $2000.


Thanks for the information, so whoever gets the level 2 badge until 15 January without earning $2k, is damn lucky! :wink:


hey !
Don’t tell me i don’t want to lose this *badge :frowning:


It’s badge, not batch - level 2 badge.


there was a red mark at my level 2 badge on Analytic page few days ago… but after completing some orders and getting 5 star ratings it got removed and i think its a good sign !


Then you’re good to go ahead! Keep the good work up, all the best and good luck to you.


I think this requirements stars from jan 15


Lol badge thanks for correction :stuck_out_tongue: