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2 odd situations

Question 1: Customer doesn’t read my TOS so I had to cancel his order. My delivery rate went down now and there’s nothing I can do about it? It’s completely his mistake.

Question 2: I am still missing requirements from a buyer while the deadline is in 6 hours. I have asked for extended delivery time and I hope he will reply… Is there anything I can do about this?

Question 1: You can’t do anything about it. If you search the forum, you’ll find dozens of complaints on the matter. These are the rules, all of your cancellations count against your completion rate.

Question 2: You can cancel the order via Customer Support. Your completion rate will go down but your Delivery on Time stat won’t suffer and you won’t risk receiving an automatic 1* review + cancelation for failing to deliver on time.

I agree with @lenasemenkova

Other options with high risk: Send your client a dummy image, says that you still didn’t have enough material to provide an update. We won’t lose delivery rate as long as we deliver something before deadline. STILL, IT’S HIGH CHANCE that your customer will dissapointed and leave 1 star rating.

This will get you banned by Fiverr.
Never send a delivery unless you have completed the work. I can’t believe people are still doing this after all the sob stories on the forum!


Give sometime to your buyer to respond. You know either way it will negatively impact your stats. If you cancel, it will impact on your Order Completion, if you fail to deliver on time, it will impact your Delivered on Time stats.

Just wait !! There’s nothing more you can do. You will have to wait for upto 2 days even if you send a cancellation request if the buyer fails to respond to that too.

Don’t ask!! Just send a deadline extension request and wait for his/her response.

I’d say send a message to Customer Service…send screenshots, and maybe they’ll be able to fix it.

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and from now on, check to ensure they read the terms maybe? Make them agree to the terms in the requirements.