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2 old negative Reviews


Dear All,

There are 2 old negative reviews that I got few years ago While I was not getting serious Fiverr, that are seriously affecting my Sales performances. Now I got 5 positive (5stars all of them) review, but those 2 old and negative feedback are still damaging my Sales. Is there something I can do to delete them, considering that are old and not representative of the current Status of my Account.

Thanks for help


No. You can try contacting Customer Support, but I doubt they will help you in this particular case. You just need to keep getting more gigs and better reviews until the 2 negative reviews don’t matter so much anymore.


Keep up this time’s good going…your negative review can not hamper much if you can achieve some more positive reviews.

Always try to keep smile your client :slight_smile:

One more thing,promote your gigs in different social medias…you will get more gig views and gig clicks too…that will increase the chance to get more orders.

Have a great fiverr career… :slight_smile: