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2 orders 2 failures

this site is full of incompetent idiots it seems…

not only does someone not understand the requests made even when given examples is beyond me… and the facts every message ends in please give me 5 stars is a joke…

this site shouldn’t exist when people like me can just go to places like moo and create better and more accurate work.


Sorry you’ve had a bad time, but please don’t describe us all as ‘iincompetent diots’ from your limited experience.

Not sure what is, or why I’d want to go there - is it something to do with cows?
I just visited it, and it would appear the site’s under maintenance, so I’m still none the wiser.

Any seller asking you for 5 star reviews should not be doing that, and you, as a responsible buyer, should be reporting them for doing it, as it’s against the ToS.


“Incompetent idiots”. You made me sad, [[heartbroken]]
Just kidding, real thing is you shouldn’t label your whole hand as useless if one of your nail hurts.


I don’t appreciate being called an idiot by someone who refuses to post the request he made and the responses he got. isn’t even a real competitor. All they do is sell templates. I see they sell 50 flyers from $39.99. Tell me, who’s gonna write that flyer? Because on Fiverr you can hire writers, designers, etc. Then you can print those flyers at home or hire a cheaper printing company, maybe do it at Fedex.

There’s a lot of incredibly talented people here, there are graphic designers who have built their portfolios here, they went from being unemployed to making as much as $100,000 a year.

Ever heard of Forbes magazine? They have an article called:

“How To Make $1 Million On Fiverr: Secrets From A Top Earner”

Google it.

She has a gig called “I Will Create And Design A Resume, Cover Letter Or LinkedIn Page”

And has 106 Orders in Queue and charges $40, $60, and $95 with a 7 day delivery.

If she were to deliver everything today, she would make more than $4,000. I know that she’s real because she has 9355 Reviews, only about 20 of those are negative.

So tell me, is she an incompetent idiot? I think not.


Moo is a simple yet far better production of something as simple as a business card. to the point I could do it myself to a higher standard than what ive been offered on here…

most of the gig showcases are far from what the results have been and its disappointing and miss leading.

I shouldn’t have to remind sellers not to say “rate me 5 star” I pay for a service and ill rate it how I see fit.

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Yeah, there are some sellers who might be incompetent in the real sense but not all. It’s your bad luck that you have connected to an incompetent seller maybe. Here are thousands of real talent you see. Please don’t say “incompetent idiot” to all judging by only one seller you met.

Hope, you will get some awesome and experienced sellers here on your next purchase. Please check out the whole profile of the sellers, their previous work records, clients feedback. Only after reviewing their profiles, put your order. You aren’t gonna disappointed.

Kind Regards,
Minthal Ahmed Masum


Excellent advice for any buyer @minahmmas - I do hope we’ll see @jasondodd648 coming back to tell us all about his successful purchases on Fiverr in the future! :slight_smile:

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Yeah @offlinehelpers, maybe his wrong concept about the sellers will come to an end soon.

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Third time lucky, I hope! :slight_smile:

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Oh YES!:sunglasses:
We are gonna see a happiest client/buyer soon. In pursuance of your saying, I am hoping to see his come back with a very smiling face applauding the skills of the awesome guys.

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The thing is, even with all the truly talented and professional sellers here on Fiverr, it seems like a lot of buyers these days somehow end up choosing incompetent sellers (maybe because they are cheaper, who knows?); and then when these sellers deliver garbage to them or fail to deliver, they come to rant on the forum.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong here.


Yesterday I visited Office Depot and saw software to create logos, flyers, e-mail templates, etc. The examples on the package are ridiculous, they look unprofessional. If you want a business card to look amazing, you hire a seller with a live portfolio full of amazing business cards. Also, I like being able to tell a seller what I want. Moo lets you choose a city landscape for example, but you can’t tell Moo you want the Statue of Liberty holding an AK-47 instead of a torch, they can’t make that. A graphic designer can. Fiverr has a lot of real artists, people who are masters with Illustrator, Photoshop, can sketch, etc.

“I shouldn’t have to remind sellers not to say “rate me 5 star” I pay for a service and ill rate it how I see fit.”

Sellers are free to say almost anything they want. I tell them “tips are appreciated.”


I’m sorry to hear your experience but not all the sellers are like that. This happens when you do not make a proper selection of the people with which you are going to work, by this I mean to review your portfolio not only his reviews in Fiverr.

At the end you end up getting what you pay for.

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I’m sorry that your first two orders did not go well, but I can assure you that there are some wonderful sellers on Fiverr. I am a seller but also a buyer and have found some amazing people in graphic design and video production that are wonderful. I’m sure that the other categories have terrific people as well. Keep looking because you will find someone great who will may want to work with time and time again.

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Curious about the prices you are paying.
If you are paying under $20 then in my opinion you are basically paying for about 20-60 minutes of someone’s time and the level of work will probably reflect that. How long does it take to create what you want on that or any of the millions of DIY design sites out there? Around that length of time? What is your time worth to you?
Perhaps you are right, some people are better off doing things themselves if they are so inclined.

As for the “give me 5 stars” thing, I dislike it too but I have rarely got it from the 100ish sellers I have bought from. Not sure if this is due to the type of seller/price point I go for or something else but there probably is a reason the sellers you choose appear desperate - ie, they are.


Finding the right person and getting the job done is always a tough task itself. Fiverr has always made this task easier for me.

Prices you pay and time you give them also matters a lot.
Also, try having a detailed conversation with the sellers beforehand, review their portfolio and Fiverr reviews as it helps in making the right decision.

You have it right. Too many people think because it’s called Fiverr, they will get pro quality work for $5. In a few occasions a seller who is new to Fiverr will have that bargain price for a few months while getting established.

That said, a subset of buyers think they will get something of value for nothing. Then they complain that for $5 or $10 they didn’t get gold.

Occasionally you can, but once that seller gets some reviews they are going to either raise their prices or quit since it’s not worth doing most tasks for $4.

Half the time people complaining about poor results were also the ones trying to get professional results but didn’t want to pay a little more.

Thankfully there are more and more buyers looking for value, and understand paying more than the cheapest price often pays them back.

Anybody who looks at the sellers who have a track record AND are charging higher prices usually will find excellent value too.


A site like sounds like a place to buy a cow, or gifts related to cows. If it is a site for something else, then it is a rather unfortunately named website.


So glad it wasn’t just me! :slight_smile:

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Maybe if buyers like you would give more value to real professional work ( and pay for it) you wouldn´t receive “trash” or mere templates . 5$ isn´t normally a fair price for a professional and customized work in real life.

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