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2 orders 2 no shows, is this common?

I am new 2 Fiverr, but a little fustrated. I placed my first order, paid for… for a logo, supposed to be delivered in 24 hours. No message, no logo, so I cancelled that one, and tried again, with a person with a higher feedback, same thing. Getting ready to cancel this one after 2 days of waiting. No response, no logo. Is it that hard to get someone to do a logo? Or did I just pick the wrong people. The high rated people had days to wait. The 2nd person I picked had decent feedback. What am I doing wrong? Help?

it’s just bad luck :)>-

there are thousands of buyers out there, you just picked the bad ones.

no too many people deliver in 24 hours, but if you want a quality work you should be patient don’t just look for 24 hours expected delivery gigs, Good luck :wink:

I just wonder why people advertise on here then don’t even respond. I will wait and cancel that order when time is up and try again. I just don’t want to wait 3 weeks to get the order. Need something pretty quick

They might not have been around at that moment. Inbox the seller first. If you get a response, they’re more likely to do it for you. And it shows to them that you’re serious about it getting done. Some sellers write in their profiles/gig descriptions that they don’t even do orders unless the buyer inboxes them first with specifics (to avoid cancellations and time wasted).

thank you for the tips, I had already paid for both, but this next try I will message before ordering. I have more work I need done, so if I can get this worked out I’ll be back for more.

Definitely inbox the seller first. Sorry for your experience. I am new to selling, but never had an issue buying. Good luck!

xoxo Meghan

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Hello Sir, Sorry to hear about your bad experience :frowning: Fiverr website have thousands + buyers and sellers here. may be you choose wrong seller or may be seller have some trouble. so dont worry ask me fiverr support for cancel your order and again order with another trusted seller. you can also discuss with seller first then you order thanks :slight_smile:

Find a seller who is online (green spot in their profile picture or next to their name) and send them a message asking how long they take to deliver.

Now that fiverr have introduced an updated response time policy sellers need to respond as quickly as possible to stay in business so you will get replies quickly.

This way you can contact several buyers at once and choose the most responsive and helpful to complete your work.

BTW, I have placed lot and lots of orders and only had one late delivery… not one non-delivery.