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2 Orders canceled from trusted client

I always blame myself no matter what the situation are. The good thing is it opens possibilities that i don’t think if i would have noticed the other way.
So this is what i made for my client and you can also see the reference image that client gave me. 3D model is in t-pose like client asked. We usually create model in A-pose or T-pose so it can be rigged and animate easily later if client wants.
Video Preview
Yandere 3D model

We have another gig of rigging which i can’t show cause that model wasn’t mine it was provided by client for rigging. We cancel that gig in friendly environment but today i got email from fiverr that another gig was canceled.
Few things that i don’t get
1st) I always show video preview of the model so client can see how it looks without using any program so client see what he get
2nd) This gig was cleared and buyer send 5stars which means mission complete

I don’t blame fiverr cause they are dealing so many problems which means the problem was in my model. It’s clear that client didn’t like the model.
I think showing a video preview was just waist of time.