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2 orders cancelled

I have been a part of fiverr for years now. I had a client make an order and purchased two revisions. They recieved the voice over and it was closed after 3 days. On the 6th day they reordered again wanted me to do the same script. 5 or 6 days go buy the order was closed again. 2 days later they order again wanting me to do the same script another way. They were giving me instructions and they kept changing those instructions each time. So on the final one I told them what I thought was best for the read. They ssid yes do it that way. 2 to 3 days later they messaged wanting the money for two orders back because they purchased two revisions. I said those orders were closed and that was the reason they reordered. So after all of this I guess they contacted Support and Support cancelled those last two orders that I spent countless hours working to give them just what the wanted. I feel like I’ve been Robbed. If you want to use your revision you should do so in the time allotted. Confused!

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Hello, sorry this happened to you. When you offer revisions, they are supposed to be available for use forever from what I understand.

Some voiceover artists make very clear they do not offer free revisions. It seems to solve this problem.


I don’t like that because they wait 10 and then cancel the order even though the order has been closed. The seller can’t wait 10 days to deliver the product. They will still cancel the order. Its not fair to the seller to give revision just when they decide that they want one after the orders been closed 6 days.

Problems like that are exactly why no revisions are offered by some voiceover artists. One top voiceover artist states three times in his description he does not do any revisions.

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I don’t see it that way. If customers come back to me within reasonable timeframe, not a one year later ( 6 days is quite reasonable) then I don’t see a problem giving them a revision even though the order was automatically marked as a complete.

If I have 2 revisions included then I want to keep my promise and provide the service that my clients paid for. There are things that might get on the way for them not being able to order a revision in time and I feel it’s not a good business model asking them to pay more when they already paid for this.

And it’s not only my opinion. on fiverr you have to provide revisions that you promised even after the order is complete otherwise fiverr will consider it as you didn’t deliver your work according to your gig description.


You could say “One free revision within 30 days of delivery of the order.” Or 14 days. That would certainly be reasonable.


The problem is the revisions were on there end not mine. They gave me instructions each time and realized that wasn’t they way they wanted it. I had to make the decision and let them know what I felt would work in the end. They said go for it. I did and they liked it. Then wanted money back for the reads that gave me instructions to do. I redone the entire voice over 3 times.